Application Process

Admissions are based on various aspects, however we'll lean more towards Academic excellence, Discipline, respect and tolerance. We try to assess how well the applicant is likely to adapt to our curriculum and school life, with guidance of learner's previous scholastic history. A prospective learner should not be a social or moral liability to other learners or the school.

The Admissions Team reviews all applications in strict confidence and are not obliged to give reasons for refusing any application.

An interview with the Principal or Phase Head of Department and the prospective learner and his/her parents may be requested prior to admission, and at Its discretion can subject an applicant to an Entry Assessment/Exam. Our AIM is to provide a fair ground to every learner regardless of socio-economic, religious and cultural Status. 

Registration requirements for Each Learner

  • A copy of Learner Birth Certificate/ID
  • A copy of Most Recent Report/Results
  • A transfer letter/Card where this is applicable
  • A copy of the parent's/ guardian's ID or Passport
  • Proof of your residential address
  • 3 Months banking statement

Registration Procedure

  1. Submit above registration requirements along with Application form (download below) or Click Here to apply online
  2. Once received, we'll review and respond back within 12 hours from time of submission.
  3. Successful applicants will receive a Provisional Acceptance Letter accompanied by Enrolment Contract forms, Fees Payment Policy and any other documents.
  4. Successful Applicants will be required to complete/sign and return Enrolment contracts and any other requested requirements/docs, within 10 days, after which it'll be passed to the next available applicant if no response.

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