Extra Mural Activities

At Royal Private  School, We consider extra-murals to be an important part of your child's education. Enjoyment, fun and satisfaction are primary purposes, while character and team work all develop in the sporting context and play an important role in social development, through enhancing Parent-Educator-Learner relations but mostly be a foundation sports to those who have a passion for that particular mural.


With basic soccer skills, this is catered for in an indoor sports pitch during school hours. Learners who need to further this sport are required to attend extra hours with our Soccer Academy Partners - Starlets Soccer Schools


Done at school, with appointed service provided, Extra Charges may Apply as done outside school. 


Swimming Classes done off site, with Heated pools, at R800 Per month Extra.

Table Tennis

Facilities available at school, no extra charges applicable. Activities to be done during lunch breaks and after school


Facilities available at school, No 


Activity Provided free of charge, facilities available

Board Games

Variety of board games available for learners to select from, No Extra Applicable Fees

Olympiads & Debates

Learners get to participate inter-school, District and Provincial Olympiads


Activities done at school, indoor facility available, no extra fees required


Activity done at school, Facilities available, No Extra Fees needed