School Fees Structure

Fees Payment Policy

Our Fees are based on each academic year. Parents are however welcome to choose from convenient payment modes below;

1. Monthly; Here annual fees are divided into 12 equal instalments & due on the 30th Of Prior Month. Learners won't be allowed in school if any fees are due. Discount of 5% - 10% is applicable to siblings, on each additional learner depending on number of learners enrolled. Eldest child pays full fees.

2. Termly; 4 Equal instalments are welcome and due before the start of a new term.

3. Annual Tuition Fees; 7% Discount is applicable on advance payment of annual fees, which must be paid by December 30th. Annual Fees are exclusive of any enrolment Fees, Aftercare fees and/or stationary/uniform Fees

                                                                                       2024 Fees Structure

R1000 - Registration

R700 - Workbook Fees (R-7)

R1550 - Workbook + Typek Fees (8-9)

R1450 - Stationery Pack Fees (R-3)

R1250 - Stationery Pack Fees (4-7)

NOTE: NO Stationery Fees Are charged for 8-12 (Parent to provide stationary based on provided List

Enrolment Fees are due once learner receives acceptance Letter. 

Applicable Tuition Fees