From the Principal's Desk:

Welcome to an exciting new year at Royal Private School! We are proud of our continued legacy of providing a high standard of education, coupled with a warm and safe 'home away from home' environment for all our learners.

We strongly believe in an all inclusive education at RPS, and embrace all cultures and religions of this beautiful country. At Royal Private School we are invested in the education of the individual, where all children are treated the same despite their various backgrounds, socio-economic status, cultures or religions.

This year we present a diverse team of educators who are passionate about teaching; and concerned with caring for the learners on both an emotional, social and academic level. Due to the small class sizes, every child is seen, heard and enabled to be the best version of themselves. At Royal Private School we are not only teaching the set curriculum, but also instilling the values of kindness, respect and tolerance.

Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, and we intend to use this weapon daily. Royal Private School is where the change starts, where the future of South Africa is inspired and grown.

We are very excited to invite you on this journey with us, please come and join the Royal Private School family and be part of the change!

Naomi Venter